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8th December 2022


Restores 7 YEARS of collagen loss in just 7 DAYS
What is it?
7 Daily use shots of transformational skin care that retrains your skin and restores 7 years of collagen loss in just 7 days
How does it do that?
Powered by our award winning PROTINOL technology which gives you skin a collagen boost.
By increasing the ratio of BABY COLLAGEN (Collagen III) to ADULT COLLAGEN (Collagen I) restoring skin to more youthful levels for a strengthen skin matrix
The 7-day transformation
Day 1: INSTANTLY see fresh, smooth, hydrated skin
Day 3: IN 3 DAYS skin looks plumper, rejuvenated and healthier
Day 7: IN 7 DAYS skin looks and feels significantly firmer, intensely plumper with fine line smoothed
Who is it for?
Suitable for anyone who is wanting to restore collagen loss or wanting to boost tired/dull skin
How do I apply?
7 shots for 7 days of the week. Each shot is highly concentrated and contains enough essence for use on the face, neck and decolletage.
Step 1:Flick the cap so product is collected in the body of the shot
Step 2:Snap off the capStep
Step 3:Apply evenly using your fingertips
2 ways to use 
Maintain great skin and use once a month as part of your skincare regime to keep collagen levels boosted and skin looking plump and firm
When your skin is looking tired or dull or when you need a revitalising boost, these shots are a must. Perfect for that special occasion or when skin needs some extra care
Each power shot contains AVON’s exclusive, patented PROTINOL for a dual collagen boost which delivers dramatically smoother, plumper and firmer looking skin. Retrain your skin & reveal your best skin in years. Cheaper & pain-free compared to an appointment at a Skin Clinic
For maximum results build a regime using our top rated products containing PROTINOL. Use the 7 Skin Reset Plumping Shots once a month and the Renewal Power Serum and Ultimate Day Cream daily.